My illustration style is probably a lot like my personality. I like structure and definition, but I don’t like being wholly contained by them. Within those affinities, my designs often fall along a spectrum of solid, drawn lines via pencil or pen—all the way to the unbound colors and shapes afforded by watercolor paint. These two contrasting elements often find a harmony together within a digital environment per my graphic design experience. I graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art with a primary emphasis in Graphic Design. (I also have work over at


In previous incarnations of my business prior to creating licensable art, Charm Design Studio designed custom wedding and social stationery, created digital printing templates for photographers, and sold stationery wholesale.


When I’m not making art, I find inspiration alongside my mister and my munchkin. You can read more about my adventures on my blog as well as by following me on social media.



If you’re interested in licensing any designs from Charm Design Studio, contact me for more information!

image credit: my husband’s phone; a summer day